I should name this BLAHG.  What in the hell am I doing??  I keep know, I should really write a blog.  I will finish a mindfulness class, a parenting workshop, a session, a social thinking group, and I'll be like that would be a KICKASS blog post.  But then I sit down to write it and it's like *crickets*.  How do you writing people do this!?!?!  I can kick ANYTHING to you in show and tell version. But, damn if I don't freeze up when it comes to actually compiling these thoughts in an organized manner and making sense to anyone (but me)?

My passion.  My vision.  My reason.  Those three things are all vigorously pushing me in the direction of bridging mindfulness and social thinking.  How can I merge the concept that you will be a better problem solver, you will be a better friend, you will be stronger learner, you will be a kinder person if you begin to open yourself up to self-awareness?  You have to recognize what is happening before you can use the tools that we are always throwing at our kids (and the world).  I decided to use my *own* skills and tools and just right jump in.  I have jumped in on everything else in my life, so why not this?  But, this isn't just about's about US!  How can I create this community?  What does my community need?  Help me help you.  

I've left you with this picture of me, on a sewer line (yep...a bunch of poop under me there!), at Fort Yargo.  I'm doing a hard pose, I'm on a hike with my family, on a quiet retreat we very much needed.  I'm doing the crow (Bakasana pose in Sanskrit), which means: its effect is one of transcendence. Rising above our perceived limitations and taking off in flight. Bakasana is a pose that requires strength and focus and the ability to trust. The initial approach to this asana is often one of trepidation. So, I'm showing this beautiful pose, with a beautiful backdrop, over POOP.  MY LIFE. THIS IS MY LIFE.  NO, I'm not saying my life is shit, I am saying that it's hardand not always "fun", but it's life and I do love the bad with the good and I love the hard with the easy.  I love it all.  Poop included.  

So, I'll keep working the hard poses whilst hovering over poop if you promise to remember that I'm just dipping my feet in this writing world because I want to share the beauty, I want to never let go of what drives me, and I enjoy hearing it out loud.  

yoga pose anita.jpg

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