Anita, Danielle, and Cara are back with our afterschool social skills AND parent training program! Join us for this 4-week intensive program that offers both parent training AND social and self-regulation skills group for the children...AT THE SAME TIME!!! We will also be doing topics to expand on these skills in February 2020.
Inside, Anita will focus on the 4C's:
1. getting CALM-how do we stay out of our head and focus

Outside, Danielle and Cara will be focusing on:

1. Body in the group. This your is basic engagement skills. Using the concept of PNR (pause, notice, respond) to actively show that we are a part of a bigger picture (our group, our family, our class, our community, our world!).
2. What is the group plan? What am I supposed to be doing in any given situation?
3. Staying on topic. Connecting to the conversation, activity, speaker and staying engaged.
4. Expected vs Unexpected behaviors. Identifying and repairing when we find that we are doing something that's not expected and may make others feel uncomfortable. How can we tell that we are the source of that discomfort and how can we fix it?

KTK Wednesdays is a program for school-age children, ages 5-9, that is based on merging mindfulness techniques with the Social Thinking Curriculum. This engaging and compassionately guided program is designed to help create flexible, self-aware, and confident social thinkers who learn to navigate social problem solving for all aspects of life. It embeds mindfulness and self-regulation tools (yoga poses, integration of movement, and breathing techniques) to easily access in all settings to encourage positive social relationships and peer acceptance.

KindTree Kids parenting programs offer the space to safely work through specific challenges as well as equip each parent with tools to use for the future. It covers the everyday small things (that can certainly build up) to the epic meltdowns. It helps us identify what our triggers are and learn to stay out of the stories we create in our head. These parenting tips are embedded with peaceful parenting and mindfulness techniques and can be used for any age and any relationship style.

KTK Wednesdays are led by Anita Bullock Morley, M.A. CCC-SLP, ASHA certified Speech-Language Pathologist, Mindfulness Educator; Danielle James, M.Ed. Montessori Teacher and Mindfulness Educator trained in modern dance; and Cara Boggs, licensed SLP-A and KindTree Kids most prized side-kick known to man. She could run the entire show if she wanted to and we couldn't do this without her!

Time: 3:30pm to 5:00m
Wednesdays: September 4, 11, 18, 25
Location: 2025 Cogar Drive; Decatur 30032

Parent and Child COMBO is $325/package ($50 non refundable deposit due at registration )**
*siblings discount= $250/package
**we gladly offer (limited spots of) financial aid /scholarships to families in need. PLEASE reach out if you need to establish a payment plan.