“Ms. Anita helps me make my sounds better so people can understand me!” – Megan, 6 years old, TCS

“I like coming to see Ms. Anita because I can learn to answer the question by listening to the answer.  I use my brain to answer the question!” —A student, 7 years old, TCS

“Ms. Anita taught me how to say “sssss”. I always make sure to keep my tongue in my mouth. ….(Giggling) Because if you don’t then you’d be sticking  your tongue out at people.” —Zuri

“Time always flies when I work with Ms. Anita because it’s so much fun!” —Elishama


Treats the Whole Child

“Anita is not only a speech therapist; she is a therapist who treats the “whole child”. She has taught my son how to control his emotions and anger outbursts along with helping him develop his language. Anita is my “go to” when we need advice on behavioral issues.”    – Carolyn

Understands What He Needs to Thrive

“Having consulted other therapists regarding my son, it was such a relief to work with people who truly “get” him. Both Anita and Susan not only see my son’s “issues” but also understand what unique things make him tick, and what he needs to thrive. They focus on his strengths and work to build him up, rather than simply “correcting” his problem. They truly see the whole picture and child, and address each aspect with practical solutions that match his personal style and condition.” — Laura, Decatur

We Began to See Results Upon Our First Consultation

“Our son Odin was 2 years old when we began working with Anita. We had some concerns regarding Odin’s intelligibility, oral motor skills and communication in general. We were at a point where our son was extremely frustrated and we were really worried. Anita made time to immediately meet with Odin, evaluate him then work with us as a family. She created a plan that is extremely specific to Odin’s personality and is very knowledgable about his needs. Anita found the best way to work with our son and we began to see results upon our first consultation. Now only after a month we see tremendous changes. Odin is no longer frustrated, tantrums are rare and he is beginning to communicate. We still have a long road ahead and we couldn’t think of a better advocate and person to help us get to our destination.” — Laura and Kurt Fagerland, Decatur


From a School Administrator and Parent Perspective

“Anita is a profoundly talented therapist. As a school administrator, I have thoroughly enjoyed watching the children working with Anita explode in their ability to communicate. As a parent, I am thankful for Anita’s dedication to her students and their needs, for her availability as a resource to her families, and for the motivation she inspires in her work.” —Ande

Includes Tools We Can Use at Home

“Anita is a wonderful therapist and has greatly helped our 6-year old daughter. From the first session, Anita was able to gain our daughter’s trust, while creating a fun, encouraging and productive environment for therapy. As parents, we also appreciate that Anita’s process includes providing tools and activities that we can use at home to reinforce our daughter’s development. The result of Anita’s hard work is clearly seen in the continued and consistent progress that our daughter has shown in her speech and the additional confidence that she has gained in her reading skills as well. As a result, we highly recommend the services of Anita and Communications Intervention, Inc.” —The Nobles

Holistic Approach to Treatment

“We have been working with Anita since September 2009. That’s one year after our son was diagnosed with PDD-NOS at age 4. It’s not an exaggeration to say that Anita was instrumental in saving my son’s life. She is a highly skilled and experienced speech therapist. What makes her unique, though, is the holistic approach she takes in treatment. One thing we love and appreciate about Anita is how she always saw our son’s potential. When we were overwhelmed with challenges, she was practical and encouraging. She made a plan we felt comfortable with, and she followed through each time.  She was never too busy to explain clearly what she was doing and why. With Anita, our son has made amazing progress. We absolutely love Anita, and feel very blessed to have her in our life.”  —Lauren

Makes Therapy Fun

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Ms. Anita for 5 years. She has a way of connecting with all of her clients to make therapy fun, while learning and growing at the same time. Anita emphasizes the importance of parent/teacher involvement, so that kids get reinforcement at home and school. I personally have witnessed the milestones made by several of the students receiving therapy from Ms. Anita. Keep up the good work, Ms. Anita!” —Ms. Jennifer