"Mindfulness means paying attention in a particular way; On purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgmentally." -John Kabat-Zinn

We believe that using mindfulness and compassion in our practice helps a child find their safe space to be guided with the gentle and supportive ways that create the opportunity for their spirit  and  their skills to blossom.  

Anita’s Story


Mindfulness changed my life and using the tools that I have learned to apply to everything from sitting in traffic to parenting my children (and beyond has given me so much space to see the beauty in all the things.  When you calm your mind, you increase your awareness by tuning in.  When you tune in, you can notice what is happening in that moment.  When you notice what is happening in that moment, you have the ability to see it more clearly.  When you see more clearly, you can make grounded choices.  This process can be applied to everything and when you use those tools to offer support to a child who’s working on changing his sounds, to a child who needs to learn how to enter play, to a child who needs to learn how to manage his impulses/big emotions, to a partner who has a hard time receiving information, to your children who can test boundaries like there is no tomorrow, and to the end of the day and sitting in life to where you feel like you are trapped under all the heavy.  And, when you are in those places, you can reach in and ask yourself “is this an emergency?” and process all the pieces in the present moment.  When you find that your body, mind, and heart can go to that place more easily and you realize you are safe, and that you can piece it all back together, you find the same magic that i found in mindfulness….for life.

My journey with meditation has not only found it’s way into my family, my life, and my spirit, it’s also found it’s way to my work with parents and children.  It impacts everything we do.  Find out more about how meditation changed my life here.  

Here is another link on how retreats can impact one’s life.

I was a guest to the show Lighter Side Network to talk about how I use mindfulness in my practice and for how I incorporate it to my parenting and coaching.

The Holistic Family

Communication Interventions believes in a whole family approach and with full respect to all types of treatments and approaches, we also believe that there are many other things that one can do for whole body and lifestyle wellness. We have many different community resources that can help you with all areas of your lifestyle. Here are some trusted support connections that we often do workshops with and collaborate with when we are trying to create a program that fits all of the family’s needs.

Meditation and Mindfulness

Atlanta Mindfulness Institute

Read Anita's feature on AtlantaMindfulness.com here and here


There are countless books that I love but I will share my absolute favorites here and if you have ever worked with me, you likely have heard me quote it, use it, or recommend it!


  • Laura Markham from Aha Parenting has amazing beautifully scripted parenting support.  Her weekly blog articles are truly my driving force as a parent AND as a parent coach.  
  • www.wildmind.com
  • Tara Brach has beautiful meditations to help calm any mind.  
  • Little Flower Yoga is a program that integrates yoga and mindfulness for children in easy to follow methods that are filled with fun and connection.
  • Nicole Schwarz from Imperfect Families is passionate about helping parents use positive, respectful strategies with their kids. She also talks a lot about knowing your triggers, taking a deep breath and allowing do-overs.



Kelly Dorfman, M.S., L.N.D. via kellydorfman.com

Health & Wellness Coach

Julie Brock Reeves helps clients overcome health and fitness roadblocks by teaching them to tune in to the wisdom of their own bodies. For moms, this often includes learning to prioritize their own well being instead of always putting the kids first. She specializes in helping busy clients find ways to fit movement into their day, not only through exercise but also through lifestyle adjustments that reduce daily sedentary time. Good health doesn’t have to be restrictive, painful, or boring.