We have worked with many schools, preschools, and child-care programs to help families understand where their child’s speech, language, behavioral, feeding, and developmental skills currently are (and what to expect). This is a great way to just “check-in” and see how your child is doing and often a great way to monitor skills and answer your own questions you may have! This is information for YOU to empower you with the knowledge you need without paying for a full evaluation. Please reach out today to find out more!



Curious about your child’s development? We can come to the home as well!


School Programs

We can offer a variety of services for your school program:

  • In-house screenings for speech and language delays

  • Classroom consultations and teacher support

  • Mindfulness education programs

  • Social thinking camps and programs (during and after-school programs)

  • Teacher in-service and trainings

  • Parent Workshops

  • Parent and school consultations