Social Saturdays

Monthly meetings held at KindTree Kids (located in Decatur) where mindfulness meets social thinking. This program uses the Social Thinking curriculum and embeds the concepts of using mindfulness as tools to navigate social problem solving. These workshops bring an opportunity for take-home concepts and some fun while the kids learn new ways of breathing and self-awareness in the safety of compassionate guidance.

Fall Hike.jpg

This event has passed. Scroll down for our last two Social Saturday events of the school year!

Spring Hike: I am AWARE

Please note that this is our ONLY Social Saturday that is actually on a SUNDAY!  Please join us for our second annual spring at Clyde Shepherd Nature Preserve for this really lovely hike with a focus on AWARENESS.

  • What can you notice about where you are?

  • What do you hear?

  • What do you see?

  • How do you feel in a given space?

These skills are helpful tools to use in any situation to help guide us to be present and stay connected to others. No better place to learn about being aware as in nature!

  • This is always a big hit as we

  • color kindness rocks and hide them in the forest

  • practice silent walking through the woods

  • learn new breathing techniques

This lovely opportunity to get quiet in nature, move in nature, and just notice things in nature will be an extremely important experience for any age!

SUNDAY, March 10, 2019
Ages 4-8



I Am Confident

Confidence! How can we believe in ourselves? What can we do to feel, act, think in a strong way and believe that we are worthy!? This is an important area for all children, of all ages as it opens the doors to learning to self-reflect and examine the parts of ourselves that we LOVE and want to share with others! Your children are sure to come home knowing a little more about themselves than when they arrived! LOVE YOURSELF!

Saturday, April 13, 2019
Ages 4-8



I am Kind to All

Every thought , every word and every act MATTERS. This final Social Saturday of the school year will bring your child some simple tools to carry and send kindness to all acts. Kindness carries across many things from sibling rivalry to picking up trash to being kind to animals to helping someone in need. This group will learn about what kindness means across the span to ALL living things! A fun and special way to close the program season!

Saturday, May 11, 2019
Ages 4-8