I wanted to take this time to explain how our Social Saturdays program works so you can understand what you are paying for (versus, for example, our holiday camps). In Social Saturdays, I cap the group number and pay attention to the age range to make sure that the group has a good fit. I also develop a specific curriculum and send home education about that session in order for you to work on these specific skills at home and in other settings. These programs are more of an intensive workshop than a more laid-back embodiment of a concept like we do at our holiday camps. I also hope that you take this information to apply to your own modeling and experiences so they are in settings rich with tools and opportunities for success. I really believe that the layering of these skills and the repetition of these experiences is what contributes to the light bulb opportunities. Remember, Social Saturdays won't solve all of your child's challenges.... but they will allow for growth when using these tools appropriately and consistently. You are part of this equation and I look forward to our journey together over the next few months!


Social Saturdays

Monthly meetings held at KindTree Kids (located in Decatur) where mindfulness meets social thinking. This program uses the Social Thinking curriculum and embeds the concepts of using mindfulness as tools to navigate social problem solving. These Saturday intensives bring an opportunity for take-home concepts and some fun while the kids learn new ways of breathing and self-awareness in the safety of compassionate guidance.

AGES: 4-8 (please inquire if older or younger to see if it may still be a good fit!)
DATES: Aug 24, Sept 21, Oct 19, Nov 16, Dec 14 (2019)
TIMES: Saturdays 10-12pm. Snack Included
FEE: $60/session or $250 for package of 5
***see specific info about each date below***


How can we learn to PNR (pause, notice, and respond) when we are having big feelings (good or bad!)? This intensive will help your child learn tools for tuning in for social or emotional challenges!

Saturday, August 24, 2019
$60/$250 for the package of all 5!


How can you walk into a new setting and understand what the group plan is, what the expectations are, and how to be a part of the group? This intensive reminds us that we are all equipped with the tools to enter a group or play or a new situation with some ease.

Saturday, September 21, 2019
$60 session/$250 package for all 5




How can we teach our children that worries are really just thoughts that we are entertaining? How can we normalize that worrying is just that and it doesn’t have to grow to a place of panic. This intensive helps your child identify and define worry and stress and then learn the science behind how a worry can get so big!

Saturday, October 19, 2019
$60 session/$250 package for all 5

Fall Hike.jpg

Saturday, November 16, 2019
$60 session/$250 package for all 5


****please note this social saturday is at a different location****

CLYDE SHEPHERD NATURE PRESERVE (click for directions!)

As we take our 4th(!!!) adventure to Clyde Shepherd Nature Preserve, we will also bring some gratitude to share! We will take a short hike, paint gratitude rocks, hide the rocks, learn a new breath, and of course have some time for exploration! This is always a fun, chill day!


i am human.jpg

Holiday Camps


Labor Day Camp ***I AM PEACE***
September 2, 2019
Cost: $50 first child. $35 sibling. $30 additional siblings.

Indigenous People Day Camp ****I AM LOVE****
October 14, 2019
Cost: $50 first child. $35 sibling. $30 additional siblings.

Veterans Day Camp ****I AM HUMAN****
Nov 11, 2019
Cost: $50 first child. $35 sibling. $30 additional siblings.

PACKAGE RATE: $130.00 for all three. Sibling discount applies!



KindTree Kids is excited about their 2nd annual CARE PACKAGE PROJECT. What does generosity mean and how can we practice it? This important intensive will strictly be for offering love and generosity to our homeless population in Atlanta. Each child will participate in building their care packages to take with them and give to those in need around the holidays.

The cost of this program funds the materials for the care packages.

Saturday December 14, 2019
$60 session/$250 package for all 5