Therapy Resources

This page covers blogs, programs, therapists, and materials that I absolutely love and want to share with you to know that I stand behind each person, product, and theory!  If you want to know why or what I am using, please never hesitate to ask.

Speech and Language

  • Super Duper Inc. is where you can find any therapy game or activity here for almost all areas.  They also have free handouts that are super helpful.

  • Mommy Speech Therapy is a mom and an SLP.  She wants to share all that she’s done and has some great parent-friendly tools.

Referral Sources

If you aren’t sure about your child’s developmental progress and have questions that you need to have answered as far as your next steps, the Pediatric Early Awareness & Referrals (PEAR) is the way to go.  This program provides families with a multi-disciplinary approach to their developmental and behavioral concerns for their children from birth through age six, mild to severe.  They offer a comprehensive look at the child’s development, define strengths and needs, and gives parents and teachers solid resources and suggestions to address each need as well as continued support and follow up.  You can find more information at The Elaine Clark Center

Social Thinking

  • Social Thinking is such an integral part of our program and work we do.  I truly love all of her curriculum and use it in our KindTree Kids programs and individual therapies.  

  • Free Spirit Publishing is another one of those places that you will find MANY of the therapy items and tools I use with my social thinking and mindfulness programs.  From behavioral problems to building confidence, there are amazing books and resources to be found here.

General Information

  • The Sensory Learning Center International offers information about sensory learning, a therapeutic approach that stimulates auditory, vestibular, and visual systems simultaneously in order to integrate those processing areas of the brain. This approach is helpful for children diagnosed with autism, ADHD, sensory integration delays, and developmental delays.

  • The Autism Society offers information about autism for children diagnosed on the spectrum and their families.

  • The Childhood Apraxia of Speech Association of North America (CASANA) provides information about speech apraxia.

Oral Motor and Apraxia

  • Ark is where many of our oral motor and motor planning therapeutic materials are found. I can’t say enough about the chew tubes and  and zvibe for helping a child “find” their mouth and coordinate the muscles together for planning speech!

Sensory Processing and Occupational Therapy

Finding an occupational therapy can be something that can truly support the full child and can create an optimal potential for growth and progress with a child’s speech therapy program.  There are many ways to support a child and having occupational therapy (deeply rooted in sensory processing) compliment speech therapy is one that can be very beneficial.  

Executive Functioning and ADHD

There are so many layers to EF and ADHD and while we work with the whole child to support all of those layers, we have to say we love for an all inclusive and parent friendly understanding.

Floortime and Play Therapy

Floortime, along with OT,  can often be a true accessory to a great speech therapy program.  Here is information about Floortime. As a therapist that has been through DIR101 and truly supports the development of play and engagement, I strongly recommend a therapy model that has some knowledge or belief in the FT approach!


Kelly Dorfman, M.S., L.N.D. is one of the world’s foremost experts on using nutrition therapeutically to improve brain function, energy and mood.